Land Alienation         

Land Alienation, Registration of Land Dealings, Collection of Land Revenues, Land Enforcement, NCR Claims, Land Enquiries

Cadastral Survey                 

Survey of land for Land Alienation, Reserves, Subdivision & Amalgamation, NCR, Subdivision of Buildings, Land Acquisition

Land Valuation                     

Valuation of land for Land Alienation, Land Development, Land Acquisition, Rating Area, Extension of Leases Term, Rental of Government properties

Land Development       

Process and issuance of approval for Subdivision & Conversion, Change of Title Condition/Usage, Subdivision of Buildings, Extension of Leases Term, Additional Land Use

Quarry & Mining   

Process and issuance of permit/license for Prospective Mining, Mining, Quarries

Mapping & Control

Large scale Land Use Mapping, Orthophoto, Remote Sensing, 3D City Mapping, GNSS Control Network

Geospatial Development  & Management

Development & Management of Sabah Geospatial Data (Land, Cadastral, Valuation), their databases and Sabah Data Infrastructure Centre



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